WEX Foundation was founded to advance middle and high school education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects by integrating space exploration technology with project-based learning, with the ultimate goal of creating a robust space technology workforce that will enable people to live on other planets.

See how space exploration can be a catalyst for developing a STEM educated workforce for your community

LEAP2 endeavors to be a local community sponsored lunar exploration program for STEM education and community workforce development and entrepreneurship.
WEXF develops K-12 curriculum development for improving STEM teaching and student comprehension. 

Our Space-STEM programs are community endeavors involving academia, industry and government organizations fostering Space-STEM education.

December 2020

WEX Foundation mentioned in Military Times for why San Antonio should host headquarters for US Space Command 
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August 2019

NASA awards space-STEM education grant to WEX Foundation for its "New Worlds Await You"  national program for inspiring  the next generation of space explorers
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Space Exploration For STEM Education